About TheYDT


The Young Design Team is an organisation set up to empower young people who are passionate about design. Giving them opportunities to undertake training and work with clients to carry out real life projects. The original thoughts and ideas of these business-minded young designers can be found here. 

We are a subsidiary set up within the ... which is a not for profit organisation. 

Our aim is to deliver a creative programme for young people and to deliver a dynamic consultancy, driven and led by young people.

Our mission is to engage the brightest young minds and to empower them with a multitude of skills which will allow them to grow and develop in the design industry.

The Young Design Team (YDT) website was launched in January 2019 with a view to raising awareness about the organisation; build a community and recruit the first group of candidates to form a solid foundation that will grow into an international design knowledge network. 

The opportunities to train and work with the YDT will be based in the London area from September 2019.  The first intake of young designers will be coming from different social backgrounds offering a wide range of creative skills. They will learn how to market their skills to local businesses and will together embark upon a project to promote their social networking site to help them get recognised in the community.

The YDT provides young people with the platform to showcase their talent which might otherwise go unrecognised.

By participating in the YDT, you will have the opportunity to experience value driven design and creative learning. This experience will be accredited that can lead to a diploma in Art & Design.  Your portfolio will be enhanced by using your skills to deliver real life projects for clients and use your creativity to build new ventures. You will develop your interpersonal skills and have opportunities to develop event management skills.