Creativity thrives in open environments where everyone is allowed to share knowledge and work together toward achieving common goals.  Open source is a good example of this, which is now recognised in the design industry.  Collaboration isn't just a buzzword! It is a part of our business model and a method to enhance creative solutions.  With our personal qualities contributing to a community of developers working together to create products and services. We know this will make our design work more meaningful.  A collaborative culture is not only the best way to build solutions but also the best way to spread innovation across industries.

In the design profession collaboration is vital, nearly all important projects are too large to be completed by just one person.  As such, each creative firm strives to develop a culture that fosters effective teamwork. In many other professions, there is a more hierarchical structure, work is inflexible, and efficiency and creativity is low. This is especially true for corporate teams that are have been operating for a number of years.  Over time, they often become inwardly focused and bureaucratic and they begin to suffer from turf battles and politics amongst team members.

At the YDT we work together on a task for a short period of time, usually just a few weeks or months to complete a single project.  No two projects are identical, so the size and composition of each team varies. A ‘cookie-cutter’ approach will not work—most projects need different processes, skills and tools.  To accommodate this we have structure our resources like a network, making them scalable and flexible enough to allow multiple configurations.

If you want to do something well its better when we do it together.