Training and Development


We’ve created the opportunity for our designers to build on their skills by providing a personal and professional development plan. Why? Because we value learning and want to encourage this in our community. This will also broaden our services and ensure we have common skill sets across the organisation. It also helps in attaining growth in:

  • Development of skills - expands horizons of human intellect and an overall personality of the design team.
  • Productivity - Training and development increase the productivity of the individual.
  • Team spirit - Inculcating the sense of team work and inter-team collaborations.
  • Organisation Culture - Training and Development improves the organisations healthy learning culture and effectiveness.
  • Healthy work-environment - Creating a healthy working environment; building good employee and inter-personal relationships so that individual goals align with organisational goal.
  • Health and Safety - improving the security of the organisation and the individual thus preventing obsolescence.

We also recognise that our Training and Development Program will aid our young designers in their future studies or employment.  We accredit our training coursed that lead to a Diploma by offering AQA accreditation. These modules include:

  • AQA - City & Guilds - Principal Learning in Creative and Media
  • AQA - City & Guilds - Certificate in Art, Design and Creative Studies
  • AQA - City & Guilds - Award in Functional Skills Information and Communication Technology
  • AQA - City & Guilds - Level 1/Level 2 in Design and Technology
  • AQA - City & Guilds - Personal Project

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