Why? Creativity


Before we can ask why, we need to know: what is creativity? When we think of the word "creativity" or "creative", does it mean doing or making something? Perhaps you believe being creative means being able to play a musical instrument, paint a picture or write a poem. These are all forms of creativity but don’t pigeonhole yourself; there is no single definition of creativity that everyone agrees upon. You could describe it as:

    * Thinking of new ways of doing things

    * Looking at something in a new way

    * Solving problems and coming up with unique solutions

    * Creating something that is new, different and original

Creativity is multidimensional: it can be an approach, a skill, a trait, an ability, or a combination of all of these.  When you are creative, you go beyond the straightforward approach to arrive at something completely new and unique. The ability to really understand something in a deep and complex way requires creativity.

Encouraging creativity will not inhibit basic skills; on the contrary, it will strengthen them. Many people can think of an idea, but not as many are capable of thinking ‘outside of the box’.  Teachers and institutes who encourage creativity to inspire their pupils. “It is troubling to find that schools are educating children out of creativity.” [1]

According to Picasso who is no stranger to creativity himself, ‘all children are born artists: the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up’. 

Young minds have a lot of creativity to offer and we feel the need to educate them up to their adulthood before giving them the opportunity to contribute to society and social change is a huge limitation to our development.  Here at the YDT we encourage and cultivate creativity because we believe it plays a crucial part in empowering the future generations.  By allowing young people to think creatively, we give them the confidence to drive much-needed change!

We believe deeply that creativity needs to be encouraged to make the YDT a place of never-ending creativity.

[1]  schools kill creativity –TED Conference

by Sir Ken Robinson