Why join the team?


The Young Design Team is a collection of young people initially based in London, with a view to go nationwide before reaching out to young people across the world. Young people see trends and issues with products, services and polices long before analysts realise them. Certain trends cannot be read in development of products/services and can only be realised at the earliest moments by those with a feel for the future trends in business and technology.

We want to open doors and give every young person the following opportunities:

  • To expand their knowledge and skills set
  • Have access to a wide range of resources
  • To build a design network
  • To meet new people

Build on your personal and professional development by:

  • Getting Feedback & Guidance
  • Experience new work environments
  • Having access to design professionals

Be part of the beginning like Google/Facebook!

Get more:  Free online services for every candidate!

  • Your own web space
  • Database Access
  • Preinstalled development environments
  • Project management tools
  • E-learning tools
  • Useful Links & FAQ

You will also have access to an online communication portal which includes:

  • Online email
  • Web Conferencing using Adobe Connect
  • File sharing

These components should ensure we deliver a streamline service.

We are living in the age of creativity so contribute by join us.